July 23, 2024

Saturday Night Live: Audience dissects Maddie Rice reaction to Shane Gillis

The Saturday Night Live band is in a very tough spot during each new episode of the show. They have to play on these superstar hosts and keep a poker face during their entire monologue. If you think it’s easy, watch a few openings while trying not to react in any way.

Last night, Shane Gillis hosted the show to much controversy after being fired from the show for offensive remarks a few years earlier. The audience was looking for any signs of discontent during the especially edgy opening remarks, that didn’t pull any punches.

And the spotlight landed on guitarist, Maddie Rice. While Rice makes several faces during the monologue, the one that social media ran with was the one where she appeared annoyed at Gillis’ remarks.

Was she upset? Was she trying to hold a poker face? Only she knows the answer to that. For this post, I ran a different still to demonstrate that point.

The rest of the band was a little more relaxed. A few smiled and softly chuckled.

Saxophonist Lenny Pickett, who is usually the thermometer during these show openings was mostly neutral with an occasional smile and polite applause for Gillis’ dad.

The story (or non story really) backs up a popular theory in social dynamics that when people don’t know how to move or react, they’ll usually look at what other people are doing.

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Despite the heat, Gillis’ appearance served its purpose. It built buzz around an episode where not many viewers actually knew who the host was. And if they steered clear of social media, they may have an organic opinion of how Gillis actually did.

But one expression from a musician isn’t really an accurate measuring tool.

What do you think?

Is this a non story?

Does social media try to hard to set fires?

How did Gillis do?

Let me know in the comments.

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