“The Crow” turns 30 and we still feel the loss of Brandon Lee

The Crow came out 30 years ago, and as Hollywood tries once again to try to recreate the magic with another re-imagining this summer, we can take a moment here to appreciate the original.

And to take a moment to remember star, Brandon Lee, who we lost during production on the movie and way before his time just like his father, Bruce Lee.

What stings so much, even three decades later, is that they appeared to nail the formula here. We had a dark and dreary revenge, action epic, set afire by a tragic love story. But underneath all of the darkness and raining, night time sequences was a warm reminder that love survives even in death.

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Lee was an excellent action hero, and the sequences here, especially just over the halfway mark of the movie, rival those of even John Wick. We had an invincible Eric Draven in his signature make up and clothing, taking down the gangsters that killed himself and his girlfriend before he rose again.

There was the music, both in the movie, and tied to the soundtrack, including the incredible “Conversation Kills” by Stone Temple Pilots. There was the epic Michael Wincott, playing the leader of the gang Draven seeks revenge on showing absolutely zero fear. And of course, the legendary Ernie Hudson, who is still doing great work to this day.

We’ll watch Hollywood take another swing at this story again this year, but their biggest challenge has always been the heart behind this story. The Crow was not supposed to be this major hit. And it was not supposed to be a film we’re talking about 30 years later.

And it certainly wasn’t supposed to be the end for Brandon Lee. But pour a drink. Give it a watch. And enjoy what is still a mighty fine film to this day.

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