Daily Dozen Trivia Answers Explained 3/5/24: The 18,100 year career

It’s Tuesday Trivia Lovers! And your The Daily Dozen Trivia Answers Explained for March 5th, 2024, may not be needed looking at the early high scores but I have nothing better to do.

How did you do, Frank? Missed four. Had an off morning for sure!

Here we go!

NFL: Prior to coaching the Lions, Dan Campbell went 5-7 as the interim Head Coach of this AFC team in 2015, but didn’t get the official job as the team chose to hire Adam Gase.

Answer: Miami Dolphins

Explained: Then Gase went to New York and did the whole eyeball press conference thing.

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MLB: This second baseman played for Reds from 2006-20106, where he made 3 All-Star teams, earned 4 Gold Gloves, and had a 30+ HR & 30 SB season in 2007.

Answer: Brandon Phillips (technically)

Explained: We got a typoooooo! And take it from me, the Typo King, they happen in Trivia all of the tim.

NHL: In 2009, this Western Conference team won the Presidents’ Trophy for the first time but got knocked out in the 1st Round by the Anaheim Ducks.

Answer: The San Jose Sharks

Explained: Quack, Quack, Quack

Geography: What is the capital of Peru?

Answer; Peru

Explained: Not much to explain here. You either know it or you don’t

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Celebrity Mashup Answer: Adam Lambert and Daughtry

Explained: Our American Idol mash up. Great question. Unless your younger than 25.

Chain Restaurants: What chain recently added a footlong cookie, pretzel, and churro to their menu?

Answer: Subway

Explained: Remember when they had $5 footlongs? Yeah. I was eating there three times a week.

Television: Running on MTV from 2006-2008, this reality series followed the friendship between a pro skater and his much larger bodyguard.

Answer: Rob and Big

Explained: Yeah, I still remember the time they were “riding dirty”

Movies: Matthew McConaughey and Jared Leto each won Oscars for their roles in this 2013 biographical drama and Best Picture nominee.

Answer: Dallas Buyers Club

Explained: If you like good acting, it’s one to watch for sure.

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Music: This female hip-hop girl group is known for hit songs from the 1980’s and 1990’s like: “Push It”, “Whatta Man”, and “Shoop”.

Answer: Salt-n-Pepa

Explained: Watch the syntax and don’t forget Spinderella!

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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