Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 3/9/24: A capella Bojack

Happy Saturday Trivia Nerds! And I use the nerds term in a loving way delivering your Daily Dozen Trivia Answers Explained for March 9th 2024. We had a pretty straightforward outing to open up the weekend.

How did you do, Frank?: I missed two. So not that straight forward.

Here we go!

NFL: This AFC West team used a 1st Round pick on QB Paxton Lynch in 2016, but he ended up starting only 4 games during his NFL career.

Answer: Paxton Lynch

Explained: Ah yes. There was also Trevor Siemian there too. They have never recovered after Peyton Manning. And now they’ve got all that Russell Wilson money out there.

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NBA: After his first stint in Boston, Al Horford signed a 4-year $109 million deal with this East team in 2019 but got traded after one season.

Answer: Philadelphia 76ers

Explained: Those 76ers do make you scratch your head sometimes.

Golf: This legendary U.S. golfer won 8 majors from 1977-1983 and almost won his 9th at age 59 at the 2009 Open Championship, but lost a four-hole playoff to Stewart Cink.

Answer: Tom Watson

Explained: Old school golf is the best golf.

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Cars: Launched in 2014, the Renegade is a subcompact crossover SUV and one of the smallest models offered by this automobile brand.

Answer: Renegade

Explained: Those who can’t Wrangler. Renegade.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Will Arnett and Anna Kendrick

Explained: My post hint of the day with a shout-out to Bojack Horseman and Pitch Perfect. How are you going to throw my girl up there without her smile?

Restaurants: Founded in 1969, this fast-food seafood chain with over 500 locations shares the same name as a Treasure Island character.

Answer: Long John Silver’s

Explained: Those crunchie fried pieces below the fries and the hushpuppies are the best. And you know it!

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Television: Vegeta, Gohan, and Trunks were characters introduced by this Japanese anime sequel series from creator Akira Toriyama that originally ran in Japan from 1989-1996.

Answer: Dragon Ball Z

Explained: RIP Akira Toriyama

Movies: Mel Gibson directed and starred in this 1995 epic historical drama film that won the Oscar for Best Picture.

Answer: Braveheart

Explained: “They may take our lives! But they will never take our freedommmmmmm!” If you’ve never watched it, you should.

Music; This Jamaican-American EDM DJ trio has multiple 2010’s songs that have eclipsed 1 billion Spotify plays, including: “Lean On”, “Cold Water”, and “Light It Up”.

Answer: Major Laser

Explained: The EDM surge of the 2010s that also gave plenty of other DJ propelled tracks.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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