Extraordinary: Here is why Ian was crying at dinner, plus Nils Frahm

Episode 5 of season 2 of Extraordinary was another fun outing, this time we got a look at Jen’s relationship, with her mom and how complicated those parental relationships can be.

One of the things that may have stuck out was Ian. Jen’s stepdad and his crying at the dinner table after apparently watching “Marley and Me”. But the “emotional hangover” excuse Jen tells George, the power discovery clinic shrink, might need a little more explanation.

Ian is an empath. Which means he’s able to feel what other people are feeling. And he’s also able to absorb the emotions of media as well if an Owen Wilson movie hit him that hard.

“That dog’s love is so pure.”

Right on Ian. Right on.

Nils Frahm


Instead of giving you a boring explanation of who Nils Frahm is, I’ll just let you experience it for yourself. He’s from Germany, and he’s got a great sound that takes me back to my own time living there. If you’re from that states you may not have heard him before.

And if you enjoy his music, you can buy it on Amazon HERE

We learned the name through Guess The Celebrity when Jizz had Nils’ name on his forehead. The closest thing we’ve probably seen to this game on television was the culturally insensitive version used by the American version of The Office. You’ll recall that game got Michael Scott a slap in the face.

And this wasn’t the first time we saw a pros and cons list about a girlfriend on a great television show either. You’ll recall the notorious Rachel Green list written by Ross and Joey, which included “Just a waitress” on Friends.

Yeah, that was almost as brutal as being on a break. (Jennifer Aniston was also in Marley and Me too).

Excellent episode! See you next time!

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