July 23, 2024

Not Dead Yet: Yes, season 2 has been better so far

While life circumstances haven’t allowed me to cover “Not Dead Yet” on a weekly basis, I’ve still been watching the show. And while the first season was mostly hit, it did have the occasional miss and some grey areas that made things complicated.

But goodness, season 2 has ramped up. They’ve kept things simple and put making viewers feel something during the experience above all.

Here are some reasons season 2 of Not Dead Yet has improved..

Brad Garrett: Yeah, bringing in a presence like Brad Garrett are easy points. His character isn’t exactly Don Draper but what he’s doing is serving as a ramp to shoot the rest of the cast up. We’ve already watched him carry the load. He’s good putting other actors “over” to borrow from the wrestling world.

Edward appropriation: For much of the first season he was just the weird roommate, but season 2 has given Rick Glassman some great work. The Lexi storyline moved faster than what I would have liked but the character is fun and the dude can act. There are a lot of directions we can go with him.

Great dead people: We had great dead people in the first season but the Senator turned out being great and the real estate spirit from the season premiere turned out to be awesome as well. Yes, I’m also a Wendy Malick Stan. I’ve been watching her for most of my life.

A stronger Nell: This is a Gina Rodriguez show. She doesn’t need feedback from me. But Nell seems more sure this season and that simply makes for a better protagonist. She’s not phased anymore by ghosts. So why should we be?

What do you think of the second season of Not Dead Yet (so far)? Let me know in the comments.

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