The Mandalorian: Reverse “Andor” episode offers both horrors and redemption

There was a lot going on this week on The Mandalorian, and while they took some chances with the storytelling, it was ultimately quite satisfying.

There was that ace dogfight to kick things off. Die hard Star Wars fans already know Bo Katan is the truth, but watching her take on all of those interceptors with Din’s help produced one of the best aerial fights I can remember in recent memory in the Star Wars Universe.

Let’s talk about Dr. Penn Pershing.

Most of this episode felt like something out of Andor. Except it was the reformed Imperial cloning scientist getting lured back into the research that was responsible for the galaxy falling into darkness. We had an espionage angle with Pershing and a Moff Gideon loyalist leading him into a trap. They then fried his mind.

I wonder if this was made to prove a point. Is the New Republic really that much better than the Empire? Of course it is, but all governments offer disagreeable solutions to reforming the lost.

The entire episode did look stunning though. The city. The train. Even the junked Star Destroyer. The Mandalorian always looks good and Andor even more so. This was just gorgeous.

It was satisfying watching Din and ultimately Bo get accepted back into the Mandalorian circles. Despite the Mandalorians having their expressions trapped behind a helmet, they always do such a fine job in projecting emotions. And we got some great redemption sentiment this week that leaves the door wide open for the rest of the season.

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