NFL: Why RGIII advice to Caleb Williams should be considered

This morning former NFL quarterback and college standout, Robert Griffin the third, began trending on social media. This happened because RGIII as he is better known, suggested that Caleb Williams should refuse to be drafted by the Chicago Bears who own the first pick of the draft, to potentially draft the play caller many consider to be generational talent.

While many commenters (mostly Bears fans) were upset, I actually agree with RGIII.

Not just because the Bears haven’t had franchise quarterback in our lifetime.

Not only because the organization has mishandled promising young QBs in the past, including most recently Justin Fields, who they only received a six round pick for, in confining him to the bench in Pittsburgh.

And not because their head coach is on the hot seat and will be forced him to rush his development for his own self preservation.

But for leverage. A position that has worked well for quarterbacks in the past.

RGIII mentioned Eli Manning. And he was right. Archie Manning was upfront about not wanting his son to go to San Diego. He went to the Giants and won two Super Bowls instead. Sadly, Phillip Rivers, who did end up going to the Chargers never won any.

Williams could do the same. Tell the Bears to draft Drake Maye or Jayden Daniels and try to get besides a coach who will not only help him win right away but has experience in helping young quarterbacks succeed.

Being a little blunt could save Williams the embarrassment of becoming the biggest NFL bust since JaMarcus Russell.

Fans may be upset about what RGIII said, but from a business perspective it actually makes a lot of sense.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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