Davey and Jonesie’s Locker: S1 E5 Fantasmanaria is terrifying

Whoa, we almost crossed into “Dark Crystal” territory here.
Eh, maybe not bad. More like “Are You Afraid of the Dark” turf.

Davey and Jonesie’s Locker gave us a fun change up in episode five of season one by taking us to Fantasmanaria, a fantasy world invented by our title characters themselves, where they have to quest while Schneider prepares a portal with their mystical helper, Plurp. A cute ball of hair that can make you whatever you need for your quest.

But then things got really out of hand.

Plurp became resentful of Schneider, and eventually blew up after being asked to 3D print a hacksaw and a bottle of 95′ Dom Perignon out of his rear end, after listening to our mad scientist’s daddy issues for most of the episode.

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And we had a terrifying new villain. Yep, no Cheryl this episode and Sierra took a backseat to Emily S. a bubble tea goblin that Jonesie met at computer camp after abandoning Davey for two weeks during a summer. Emily S. impales her victims with a bubble tea straw and leaves them for dead.

Ultimately, Davey and Jonesie get all of their emotions out in the open which bores Emily S. because she realizes she’s too mature for them. The girls complete the quest but write “The End” in their book, which results in the destruction of the very universe they created.

Great outing here. And show has been on an upward trajectory for a few episodes now as we learn that nothing is to be taken too seriously here.

Looking forward to our next outing. In the meanwhile, pour one out for our boy Plurp. Yeah, Schneider should have just asked for a portal device. We should all be more grateful for the good listeners in our lives.

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