Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained 4/8/24: An Eclipsy Day

It’s the start of another week trivia fans. And your Dozen Daily Trivia Answers Explained for Monday, April 8th, will hopefully bring some more light into your eclipse of a day.

How did you do, Frank? Missed two and half with the mash up.

Here we go!

NFL: This Tight End spent his entire career with the Steelers from 2005-2016, totaling 6,569 yards, 45 TD catches, making 2 Pro Bowls, and winning 2 Super Bowls.

Answer: Heath Miller

Explained: He won those two rings with Big Ben.

NBA: After winning a Heisman and going to the Elite Eight at Florida State, Charlie Ward played for this Eastern Conference NBA team from 1994-2004.

Answer: New York Knicks

Explained: Seminole fans also know he played quarterback in school.

College Basketball: Led by Juan Dixon and Chris Wilcox, in 2002, this ACC school won its first and only National Championship after defeating Indiana 64-52 in the title game.

Answer: Maryland

Explained: Those early 2000s Maryland teams were good.

Books: Born in 1948, this American author is known for the epic fantasy novel series A Song of Ice and Fire, which were adapted into the the Game of Thrones TV series.

Answer: George RR Martin

Explained: You either learned his names from his books, the GOT credits, or South Park

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Celebrity Mashup Answer: Seth Myers and Kirsten Dunst

Explained: I missed the late night host but I’ll never not recognize my “Bring It On” crush.

Snacks and Candy: Reintroduced after a decade in 2021, these individually wrapped milky hard candies come in orange and strawberry varieties.

Answer: Creme Savers

Explained: If you don’t eat them, you might not remember them.

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Television: In The U.S. version of The Office, what Pennsylvania city was the Dunder Mifflin office that was the focus of the series located in?

Answer: Scranton

Explained: “The Electric Cit-Ay!”

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Movies: Adam Sandler played the son of Satan & an angel in this 2000 fantasy comedy also starring Harvey Keitel, Heather Graham, Patricia Arquette, and Rodney Dangerfield.

Answer: Little Nicky

Explained: One of Sandler’s early misses. Luckily many of us chose to go watch another comedy around that time “Meet The Parents”

Music: Featuring Quavo, what former One Direction member released the 2017 hit song “Strip That Down”?

Answer: Liam Payne

Explained: Cue the Paul Rudd SNL line “You don’t know your basic facts”

How did you do? Let me know in the comments. Don’t stare at the sun!

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