WWE: Cody Rhodes gave the Today crew replica belts after Wrestlemania win

Cody Rhodes, fresh off of his mega star fueled victory over Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania over the weekend, appeared on the Today Show this morning, and gave all of the hosts replica belts.

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Rhodes credited the fans for making the match a reality. At first it appeared that the main event was going to be The Rock vs. Roman Reigns before the public demanded Rhodes get his shot following his Royal Rumble victory. You’ll recall that Cody lost this same match last year.

The American Nightmare also spoke of his father, the great Dusty Rhodes, and how special making his Wrestlemania entrance with this wife, Brandi, was for the occasion.

Rhodes was visibly tired, following wrestling on both nights of the program and the fast turn around from Philadelphia to New York where the appearance took place.

While the first night involved a tag match with Seth Rollins against Reigns and The Rock, the second night also included several run ins, including Solo, Rollins, The Rock, John Cena, and finally The Undertaker. The crowd at it all up.

The question now becomes who does Cody challenge first? It’s possible that he could face Gunter, who held the Intercontinental Title for 666 days exactly. Yes. The evil number matches the reign. We might learn more tonight on the Monday Night RAW following Wrestlemania.

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You can watch the Today interview with Cody Rhodes below..

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