OJ Simpson trivia following the news of his passing

OJ Simpson, the notorious football player acquitted in the double murder of his ex wife and her friend, died this week after a battle with cancer. He was 76.

His car chase apprehension and following trial, captivated the nation and earned an unmistakable spot in the history of the 90s.

Here is some trivia..

1) Name one of the NFL football teams that OJ Simpson play for?

Answer: The Buffalo Bills or San Francisco 49ers

2) Name the rental car company that Simpson did an entire series of commercials for.

Answer: Hertz

3) OJ starred alongside Leslie Nielsen and Priscilla Pressley in this trilogy of police comedy spoofs.

Answer: The Naked Gun

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4) Name the make, model, and color, vehicle that Simpson used to evade cops on his famous chase

Answer: A white, Ford Bronco

5) While Simpson was in the Ford Bronco, he was in hiding in the back. Name Simpson’s friend who was actually driving the vehicle.

Answer: Al Cowlings

6) Moving on to his murder trial, name the judge that presided over the hearings who became a household name.

Answer: Lance Ito

7) Moving on to his team of super lawyers, Johnny Cochrane a few years later was featured on this long running adult cartoon for his “Chewbacca” defense.

Answer: South Park

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8) One of the other attorneys was actually the father of these brand queens and reality TV stars named Kim, Kourtney, and Khole….? (last name)

Answer: The Kardashians

9) The famous mini series “The People vs. OJ Simpson” ran on this cable network.

Answer: FX

10) On what charges would Simpson eventually be convicted of in 2008?

Answer: Kidnapping and Burglary

Regardless of what you think of Simpson, I hope these questions will help you.

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