Trending: “Bronco”, “Naked Gun” and other OJ terms rise after announced death

OJ Simpson, the NFL star running back, who’s controversial murder trial captivated a nation, has died. He was 76.

Following the news of his death, several terms began trending on social media.

“Bronco” short for the Ford Bronco that Simpson rode in while evading police during his suspected murder arrest was mentioned often. AC Cowlings drove the vehicle on a nationally televised police car chase that was simulcasted with the NBA finals, in one of the most surreal television moments of a generation. The Ford model went into retirement before resurfacing a few years back.

Al Cowlings himself was also trending.

“The Naked Gun” was also trending. Some may recall that Simpson was featured in the Leslie Nielsen comedy trilogy that also featured Priscilla Pressley.

Of course, Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were trending. These were the two murders that OJ was acquired on in the highly publicized trial.

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Simpson has occasionally stayed in the spotlight in the three decades following his acquittal, mostly through social media and carefully choreographed events.

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