Trending: Many think the Allen Iverson Sixers statue was way too small

Allen Iverson was the Philadelphia 76ers for an era in time. We all know this.

Very few players hustled harder than he did. We all know this.

He was one of the best undersized basketball players to ever play in the NBA. The Sixers definitely want you to know this.

This is why Iverson found himself trending on Friday afternoon, when fans noted how small the statue honoring him outside of the team facility was.

Why did the Sixers make the statue so small? Defenders of the organization say all of the team’s legend’s have smaller statues and that the size was not directly related to Iverson.

Let’s go to the socials…

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Who is Calvin Cambridge?

Calvin Cambridge is the Bow Wow character from the basketball movie “Like Mike”. You guys thought the statue looked like him too..


Is it too small? Is it the same as the other legends outside of the building? Should the team just make bigger statues? Let me know in the comments.

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