Homeless veterans can carry no reminders of how great they once were

The purpose of military awards appears simple. They are to recognize the achievements of our brave brothers and sisters who serve. The presentations are often proud events done in front of their units and positivity is everywhere.

But years later, when the uniform is packed away and the missions are over, those rewards serve as a reminder of the greatness that veteran is capable of achieving to the actual recipient.

So much of that potential is lost to our homeless veterans at the same time we lose our homes. A stinging reminder for myself and I struggle along with so many others in Florida.

Many times, we can only keep what we can carry at one time. That means military awards are often abandoned. That itself is a tragedy.

Sadly, it often feels like we’re also forfeiting those achievements because we’re out on the street. It’s almost like they don’t matter now.

The past is the past. But the present is now. And now you’re out on the street. That greatness doesn’t matter anymore. Go check into your shelter.

It’s a painful reality that contributes to breaking our spirit.

Personally, I was honored to have received a good amount of awards. But those medals, plaques, and certificates are all locked away.

They can’t get me an apartment. They can’t secure me a vehicle. They can’t help me right now. I can’t even carry them right now.

It’s almost like they don’t exist.

Forgotten greatness is how veterans lose ourselves. It’s why we give up and stay on the streets and why we commit suicide.

It’s wrong. But the solutions don’t exist to prevent this from happening right and it’s going to keep happening.

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