Daily Dozen Trivia Answers Explained 5/15/24: The Other Hollywood

Good morning Trivia Players. As I start out this miserable hump day, I at least get a little bit of happiness typing out these trivia answers for you. We had a middle of the road quiz when it came to difficulty today.

How did you do, Frank?: Missed 2 again. I’ll get that perfect eventually.

Here we go…

NFL: The son of the actor who played Huggy Bear on Starsky & Hutch, this Raiders FB/RB totaled over 3,300 rushing yards from 2003-2009.

Answer: Justin Fargas

Explained: I knew Fargas. Didn’t know his dad.

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MLB: Chone Figgins played six different defensive positions and stole 341 bases for this American League franchise from 2002-2009.

Answer: Los Angeles Angels

Explained: It might be easy to say Anaheim Angels, but the Dozens goes with current cities and team names.

Soccer: After more than a decade in Europe, legendary U.S. goalkeeper Tim Howard returned to the MLS and played in 100 games for this Western Conference team from 2016-2019.

Answer: Colorado Rapids

Explained: Most of us remember Howard from his World Cup work

Geography: While most people associate Hollywood with California, there is a city named Hollywood with over 150,000 people that is located in this Eastern Time Zone U.S. state.

Answer: Florida

Explained: And the other Hollywood is also a very expensive place to live.

Celebrity Mashup Answer: Hugh Grant and Joe Manganiello

Explained: I contend that Manganiello isn’t Mashup famous. But this is the second time I’ve seen him

Snacks and Candy: With a chocolate coated bottom and chocolate drizzled top, Fudge Stripe cookies are produced by this snack brand.

Answer: Keebler

Explained: Throw these bad boys in the fridge for best results.

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Television: Alexandra Daddario, Connie Britton, Sydney Sweeney, and Steve Zahn all had roles on the first season of this HBO anthology series in 2021.

Answer: The White Lotus

Explained: Yes. Sydney Sweeney and Alexandra Daddario, and Connie Britton were all on the same show. And it was awesome.

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Movies: In this 2008 romantic comedy, James Marsden is a news reporter and romantic cynic who falls for a recurring bridesmaid played by Katherine Heigl.

Answer: 27 Dresses

Explained: This was back when Heigl was in her movie prime.

Music: After gaining commercial success for his 2012 song “Pop That”, this Moroccan-American rapper had a Top 5 hit with his 2017 song “Unforgettable”.

Answer: French Montana

Explained: Those songs were year ago. Let that sink in.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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