Magnum PI (2018) S1 E1: A Rewatch Before The End

As the reimagined Magnum PI wraps up it’s run, I’ve decided to checkout the show which at the time of publication is free on Amazon FreeVee. The show has a committed social media following that hasn’t given up hope on saving the program. With that kind of passion, I thought I would check it out.

We’re going to do timestamps if you want to watch along.

00:30: And we get a heck of a series entrance with Magnum (Jay Hernandez) jumping into North Korea from space, followed by an AC/DC scored car chase through the jungle. And we meet Nuzo and our new TC and Rick. Then finally, the much heralded Higgins. I already know where this is going because the later season advertisements don’t hide anything.

08:46: Ah, infidelity cases. Interesting. Also the conflict of interest divorce attorney angle has become popular.

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09:00: You’ve got to love the theme music

10:45: Bleh. Doberman poop in the house.

11:30: That car…sigh…Just awesome

11:55: Annnddd….the car is destroyed. lol. And Nuzo has been kidnapped.

13:00: Sung Kang or Han from the Fast and Furious campaign

14:40: And that makes sense because Fast and Furious director, Justin Lin, also did this episode.

15:25: And a Fast and Furious director definitely knows how to make these Ferrari’s look good.

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17:12: And Nuzo is dead. Solid first episode shocks. I guess I should have known better. Domenick Lombardozzi keeps a pretty busy dance card.

25:00: Nice fighting sequence there. Higgins can squabble.

29:52: And a nice callback to the opening sequence with the dude he rescued out of North Korea.

31:13: Magnum gets jumped. Those bad guys could have offed him and this would have been a short series. I hope we get an explanation later.

32:48: I’ll say this. Space. Land. Air. Underwater. This is a heck of a pilot.

33:35: Singing Spice Girls above water > dangerous diver underwater. Oops never mind. A gold stash.

39:30: Nice shot from the helicopter. The second Ferrari has holes in it though!

40:00: Definitely Fast and Furious vibes. And that Ferrari is *bleeped* two of them Ferris Buellered on the first show.

42:15: Sweet ending and it sets the series off on in a nice direction.
Guys. Check back soon for another episode. I’ll be doing retro stuff until my life gets right.

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