Mall Cop Confessions: Where to find ditched stolen items

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When you’re working retail, it’s always a win when you recover stolen property. While the first priority is always deterring, there will be times when those sneaky shoplifters will grab something and run away.

And there will be times when you’re following procedure and those procedures may cause those thieves to ditch what they stole. This is a chance to make right what they made wrong.

But it’s unlikely they will just ditch the stuff in plain sight (although I’ve seen that), they will likely hide it.

Here are some places I’ve found stolen merchandise.

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Bathroom trash: This is an easy one. They’ve got privacy. And they’ve got a trash can that gives them deniability. Always check here.

Dressing rooms in other stores: Once again. Privacy and deniability. This one happens quite a bit. And anyone else who stumbles across it might mistake the property for something that belongs there.

In the bushes: Yeah. Sometimes these cats will run outside and simply throw the stuff into the bushes. Their priority is simply not to be caught with it.

Public seating areas: People forget their bags all of the time in these areas. They will also try to stuff merchandise in the cushions and under the seats.

Elevators and parking garages: These are places with a lot of foot traffic and vehicle traffic. They can drop it an no one will notice.

I have found merchandise on multiple occasions in all of these locations. But your post might be laid out a little different with its own hiding places. Get to know your location and get back those stolen items.

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