Mall Cop Confessions: This remains our #1 weapon on the job

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The number one weapon of the security professional today, is the same weapon it was 30 years ago. Heck, 50 years ago.

Think you’ve got it figured out? Great.

No? I’ll give you some more clues.

You’ve heard the famous phrase “Observe and Report”. We hear it all the time. They made a movie using “Observe and Report” as the title.

What do we carry that allows us to do that accurately?

A simple notepad and pen.

That’s it.

Not a gun. Not a taser. Not pepper spray. Although, they certainly play important roles when and if authorized to use.

The reason why I’m a fan of the notepad is because we should be documenting what is happening throughout our shift, and especially when something important is occurring that could end up in a report.

What separates the great guards from the average guards are the ones who can accurately depict the events that take place during the moments that matter. That is our duty. That is what the client expects of us and that is likely what our clients expect as well.

You should be using your notepad to be writing down the descriptions of suspicious individuals. You should be writing down the times events occur. You should be documenting license plate numbers.

Really, you should be writing almost everything down.

And no, your phone doesn’t count. Use the paper and pen. These days we type up reports on phones. You’ll want the extra space.

Respect the notepad. It’s our paintbrush. Our scalpel.

It’s our number one tool.

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