Here is some Drew Carey trivia to celebrate his birthday!

Happy Birthday Drew Carey! He’s had a long and successful career, that has ranged from sitcoms to game show hosting. He turns 66 today on May 23rd, and what better way to praise his work than with some trivia about his work.

Here we go!

1. Drew Carey was born in 1958 in this state often called “The Buckeye State”

Answer: Ohio

2. Staying with Drew Carey Geography, the “Drew Carey Show” theme song praised this Ohio city by saying *blank* rocks.

Answer: Cleveland Rocks

3. The Drew Carey show had an all star cast, including Christa Miller who would also star in several other comedies, including this current Apple TV show starring Harrison Ford and Jason Segal.

Answer: Shrinking

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4. Craig Ferguson was also on “The Drew Carey Show” although you might probably know him from his former late night hosting gig on this show.

Answer: That Late Late Show

5. Many people keep up with Drew Carey, who is now the host of “The Price Is Right” where he replaced this legendary host of the show.

Answer: Bob Barker

6. Before “The Price Is Right” Carey hosted another comedy skit show with Drew Carey Show co star Ryan Stiles and Wayne Brady.

Answer: “Whose Line Is It Anyway?

7. Carey logged an appearance on this magical 90s comedy that starred Melissa Joan Hart

Answer: Sabrina The Teenaged Witch

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8. Carey got his start on this Saturday Night Live spinoff movie where aliens pretend to be from “France” to blend in with normal society.

Answer: Coneheads

9. Carey also appeared on this fellow comedian turn daytime talk show host’s show in the 90s.

Answer: Ellen Degeneres or “Ellen”

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10. Finally, Carey kept his show host camaraderie by appearing on this HBO comedy that starred Gary Shandling.

Answer: The Larry Sanders show.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments.

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