July 24, 2024

Getting Into Politics: Talking to voters with a listeners approach

Over the years, I’ve been fortunate enough to win a lot of votes at the door for my candidates and causes. I’ve been able to do this with because when that door opens and I introduce myself, I’m preparing myself to listen.

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While campaign politics is about messaging and delivering that message to your voters, it’s the listening that will change minds from “undecided” to your side, and if you’re good enough, “opposed” to your side.

The voters are going to tell you what they think. After your introduction, you’re going to be able to tell if they’re supportive, opposed, or undecided.

If they’re supportive, let them finish their thoughts and stories. You can learn a lot here, and the story of a voter can make your platform even stronger. And cement their support in your cause or campaign.

If they’re opposed, you also want to hear their story. They may be a soft opposed and then you can gently introduce your campaign’s talking points into the conversation. If they push back, let them finish. Try to understand them the best you can. This will also make you stronger.

If they’re undecided, then ask then walk through your message with them and listen to their initial thoughts. These conversations are gold because the undecided voters can determine your race, and chances are many more people feel the same way they do.

All of these conversations should be viewed as opportunities to become stronger.

I love political canvassing exactly for the listening component. Listening to the voters will make you smarter, wiser, and a better political volunteer.

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