July 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Mike Myers! Let’s do some trivia to celebrate!

Happy Birthday Mike Myers! An actor who not only has found great success in the field but has also created so many memorable characters in the process.

We’re going to remember a few of them today in this trivia quiz.


1) Saturday Night Live spawned one of it’s earliest skit to movie adaptations that included Myers plus Dana Carvey playing Garth Algar.

Answer: Wayne’s World

2) In Wayne’s World 2, this notable actor with a one of a kind voice played the main antagonist.

Answer: Christopher Walken

3) Speaking of voices, you’ll recall it was Myers who voiced this big green ogre in a movie that spawned multiple sequels.

Answer: Shrek

4) While Myer’s company in Shrek is notable with Eddie Murphy playing Donkey and Antonia Banderas playing Puss and Boots, which actress voiced Princess Fiona?

Answer: Cameron Diaz

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5) Myer’s franchises aren’t done. In fact, many would argue his most notable character is this cheeky British spy who was frozen in time.

Answer: Austin Powers

6) Who was the main villain in the first two Austin Powers movies, also played by Mike Myers.

Answer: Dr. Evil

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7) There is one actor who starred with Myers in two franchises. Both times as a villain. Who is it?

Answer: Rob Lowe (Wayne’s World and Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me).

8) Despite being a big fan of Queen in Wayne’s World, Myers played one of their more critical aquaintances in this 2018 film.

Answer: Bohemian Rhapsody

9) You may not even recognize Myers in this Quentin Tarantino film about a group of brutal ally soldiers who torture Nazi forces.

Answer: Inglorious Basterds

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10) Finally, Mike Myers had the chance to star in this live adaptation of this popular Dr. Seuss book.

Answer: The Cat In The Hat.

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

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