July 15, 2024

Getting Into Politics: Going to your first protest

Protests are an important part of grassroots politics. They can draw attention to your cause unlike any other play in the political playbook. We’re talking about building momentum on every front of your operations, from motivating your following, to gaining exposure through credible earned media.

And if you’re going to your first protest, its an energizing experience. You’re going to feel even better about your cause after going.

Here are just a couple of tips.

Hydrate: Yeah, I know. It’s not an exciting way to start, but you can’t protest if you’re a heat injury casualty, and an ambulance will pull attention away from your cause. Drink water before heading out.

Ignore the haters: Inevitably, you might draw some people who will try to set you off. Ignore them. Nothing good will come from you trying to show them up. They want to rattle you. Don’t let them win.

Listen to the police: Guys, don’t go to jail. The cops will allow you to protest and have some clear ground rules. You may be passionate about what you’re doing but no one wins if you get in trouble.

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Be creative with your signs and appearance: You’re trying to draw attention to your cause, and creativity can create moments that will captivate an audience. Feel free to get crafty, just clear it with your organizer before rolling it out.

I’ve covered protests as a blogger, and I’ve participated in them as a supporter on an issue. They work. Follow your organizers and be safe, and you’ll be making a difference in no time.

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