July 15, 2024

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: S1E1 the Pilot seven years later

Because I still had my old blog back in 2017, I wasn’t nearly into television as I was now. But The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel premiered and would go on to be an award show darling for years to come.

Time to see what the big deal was all about. Join me as I check it out for the first time!

If you want to watch along, follow the time stamps!

1:00: If you haven’t watched this show, then you’re getting your first real dose of the next Lois Lane in Rachel Brosnahan

1:59: I don’t know what “I’m from Kansas” means either.”

2:54: That’s not a Greek drama

3:16: Wow. Gilbert Gottfried. RIP. One of those actors who you didn’t realize had that effect on you until he was gone.

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3:37: Let’s see what they do with Lenny Bruce.

5:11: Nice way to break up a wedding.

5:35: Gorgeous smile…And four years later

7:06: This isn’t really my vibe but I can appreciate it’s well done.

8:23: “Well you can’t eat soup with no spoon” If you have to explain it it’s not funny

10:46: Once again. Gorgeous stuff but not my vibe yet.

12:25: We should all be so lucky to have a wife like that.

14:14: Now I have hindsigh. I know Susie is big here. But I’m still connecting with the aggression.

14:30: “I finish people start to leave” ouch…

15:00: Laugh analytics. I’m down for that.

17:11: Absolutely incredible for her to do all that while he’s sleeping. She seems so perfect.

19:25: “Its easier to be happy when you’re pretty” wow.

22:30: Bob Newhart is a joke thief. Who knew?

22:56: Wowwww. That’s a twist.

25:15: I knew the angry husband vibe would come but not this soon.

26:14: Now I know why Susie was upset. Midge is lying so her husband can deliver a stolen act.

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27:33: Imogen has her beret.

30:00: What is going on? Yikes.

30:58: This has only been going on for a minute. It’s felt like 10.

32:25: Leaving? Her? Is this dude for real?

34:07: This is great drama.

35:05: Imagine having a woman like that beg you to stay and promise to be better. smh..

35:15: He’s boinking the secretary. Can’t believe this.

37:40: “What are you wearing? It’s not thinning.” lol

38:50: Goodness. The parents are making this worse.

41:00: Great shot of her in the train.

43:00: Feel terrible for her but I know this is where the good stuff starts. Right?

46:40: Holy s***. I did not see that coming. Ummm. Wow.

46:56: Cops and pictures. Oh boy.

48:24: Now this is a good vibe. The pacing has certainly picked up over the last 15 minutes. Wow.

52:18: This is turning out to be a pretty epic night.

55:00: Okay. I can dig it. We’re going to stick with it and see where it goes.

Thanks for joining me. When the second post goes up, I’ll throw the link up here. See you soon on Circle Back TV.

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