What’s On TV Tonight 6/4/24: The Acolyte premieres, AGT, Quiz with Balls

The Star Wars galaxy returns to Television tonight, in an event that is bound to draw loyal eyeballs, and maybe reduce some fatigue during an otherwise slow night.

“The Acolyte” will indeed premiere on Disney Plus. While Marvel hasn’t faired as well, Star Wars shows still manage to trend and draw some excitement. Although “The Acolyte” won’t have a Skywalker, Kenobi, or even a Baby Yoda to entertain.


NBC is all new with America’s Got Talent, followed by Password.

FOX is all new with Beat Shazam! And a Quiz with Balls.

CW is all new with the green brand teeing up Police 24/7 and Hostage Rescue.

ABC will be running with gameshows with Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, Celebrity Jeopardy, and The $100,000 Pyramid.

CBS is on their FBI rerun kick with FBI, FBI International, and FBI Most Wanted.

On cable, it’s a sports night with the Women’s National Team taking on South Korea and The Minnesota Twins vs. The New York Yankees.

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