July 23, 2024

ESPN: “Get Up” weighs longshot reunion with Kyrie after Lebron says he’s “mad” they’re not together

The “Get Up” crew on ESPN took note of LeBron James saying he was “happy and so proud” while being “*expletive* mad” that he’s not Kyrie Irving’s running mate anymore, as Irving and his new running mate, Luka Doncic lead the Dallas Maverick into the NBA finals against the Boston Celtics this week.

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LeBron explained his feeling’s on a podcast with JJ Redick who is favored to be LBJ’s next next coach on the Los Angeles Lakers.

The crew explained that a reunion probably won’t happen because of the ages and where each player (including Doncic) is right now in their career.

“I’d say the new situation is pretty sweet” said Monica McNutt “In an alternate universe how much would it cost to have these guys play together and how do you fill out the rest of the roster?”

Brian Windhorst looked at the parralles from when LeBron and Kyrie last played together “Lebron was 32, Kyrie was 25” adding “Now Kyrie is 32 and Luka is 25 and he is on the side of it.”

You can watch the rest of the segment below…

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