July 24, 2024

Happy Birthday Mark Wahlberg! Here is some trivia!

Happy Birthday Mark Wahlberg! He turns 53 on June 5th of this year.
Wahlberg has been in so many great projects, we could probably do multiple volumes of trivia.

But we’ll start with one. Here we go!

1) Walhberg of course got his start in music with the hit “Good Vibrations”. What was his group called?

Answer: The Funky Bunch

2) One of Wahlberg’s first big roles was as a heroine addict in “The Basketball Diaries” with this actor he would reteam with in “The Departed”.

Answer: Leonardo DiCaprio

3) Mark Wahlberg would star in this military action drama with George Clooney and Ice Cube.

Answer: Three Kings

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4) Wahlberg would reteam with Clooney for this disaster film that mostly takes place on a boat at sea.

Answer: The Perfect Storm

5) Wahlberg teams with a foul mouthed teddy bear in this movie.

Answer: Ted

6) Mark Wahlberg would get his turn in as a video game character in this 2008 movie.

Answer: Max Payne

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7) This Saturday Night Live star got such a pop with his impersonation of Wahlberg talking to animals, that the real Wahlberg had to appear on the show.

Answer: Andy Samberg

8) Another Saturday Night Live alumnus starred with Wahlberg in “The Other Guys” who was he?

Answer: Will Ferrell

9) Wahlberg terrorized a young Reese Witherspoon in this late 90s thriller.

Answer: Fear

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10) What’s the name of the chain of restaurants started by the Wahlbergs?

Answer: WahlBurgers

How did you do? Let me know in the comments!

Dear fellow trivia lovers! If you decide to use this trivia at your event, could you please help me out below. It will keep the trivia train rolling!

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