Deadpool and Wolverine: New posters drop pushing premium screenings

The marketing blitz for Deadpool and Wolverine continues, as new posters for the film pushing premium theater experiences dropped on Monday morning.

In the art for this post, you’ve got Deadpool’s gloved hands caressing Wolverine’s claws in typical Deadpool fashion, with both of our heroes wearing friendship bracelets spelling “IMAX”.

There are also posters pushing Real D 3D and 4DX and other experiences promoted by the various theater chains.

The film is preparing to be one of the biggest movies of the summer with industry leaders hoping the lovable team of Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman (returning to his signature role) will break the streak of underwhelming box office bows by comic book movies in recent years, often attributed to fatigue of the genre.

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Deadpool and Wolverine will feature our two leads in a guarded plot that involves the two trying to save reality. We know that much of the cast of the previous two movies will return, but there is still a lot of speculation over who else could pop up in the film. There have been rumors of Blake Lively, Taylor Swift, and many others potentially appearing.

One thing that we know will be present in Deadpool and Wolverine is the violence and adult language that will justify an “R” rating under the Disney/MCU banner. The previous Deadpool films haven’t held back when it’s come to gory violence, sex jokes, or anything else that would muzzle Deadpool, who is known for exactly that kind of fourth wall breaking material.

What do you want to see in Deadpool and Wolverine? Let me know in the comments.

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