July 15, 2024

The Boys: Let’s talk that quick Gen V Polarity reference

There was a lot going on in the first few episodes of season 4 of The Boys. But then again, that’s why we love it. Isn’t it?

We were rewarded a few times for watching “The Boys” spin off, Gen V. The biggest payoff might have been the nugget that the superhero virus that was the purpose of the first season and seized by Victoria Neuman wasn’t strong enough to kill Homelander.

But in another quick nod, we see Homelander standing in the abandoned Vought version of a Blockbuster video waiting for a meeting, when the camera pans past a cutout.

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The supe featured in that cutout was Polarity. Played by Sean Patrick Thomas, he’s the father of Andre, and resident legacy hero of Godolkin University where the show takes place.

Sadly, Andre was played by Chance Perdomo, who was recently killed in a tragic accident. Gen V has already announced that they won’t be recasting the part. Without Andre, there isn’t a lot of room for the Polarity character to return in the second season of Gen V.

In addition to Polarity and the nod to the virus, we also hear Ashley Barrett reference the Homelander rescue from Goldolkin in the opening episodes of this season of The Boys.

After the chaos breaks in the first season finale, its Homelander that has to fly in and rescue the faculty and Vought Leadership from the uprising of hero students trying to uncover the abusive activities taking place at the school. All of the good guys are ultimately captured after he shows up.

It pays to watch Gen V. It’s proven to be a great component in “The Boys” universe

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