July 25, 2024

Presumed Innocent: Episode 2 gives us “You Were There I Saw You”

Episode 2 of Presumed Innocent brings us back to Rusty as he faces a full interrogation from his rivals, Nico and Tommy, who have all of the leverage now. And they’re not holding back, demanding a paternity test for his deceased lover and colleague, Carolyn Polhemus.

Before the inevitable arrest arrives, Rusty tries to piece together as much as possible on his own. He learns Carolyn left out evidence on the Reynolds case whose murder resembled hers, and gets in a fight with the medical examiner out frustration.

Then matters at home get worse with Barbara telling the kids about their father’s affair, the night before a search warrant is served at the Sabich house, upending their lives.

Raymond meanwhile struggles with the possibility of representing Rusty after being asked. His wife wants him to retire after losing his job to Nico, but they both know he’s not walking away.

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In a last ditch effort to find something Rusty goes to Reynolds for extra information on the murder that put him in jail but he’s not cooperating. We learn that Rusty’s paternity case came back positive and that an arrest is eminent.

The cops come for Rusty in the evening, and at the arraignment, Raymond indeed shows up to get his friend bonded out of jail. Rusty is trying to relax with his family as he recieves a text saying..

“YOU WERE THERE I SAW YOU” as the episode comes to an end.

A couple of notes.

Tommy is taking this case more personally than anyone else besides Rusty, which should make for some good television.

Those familiar with the 1990 movie understand things are moving a little differently. It will be fascinating to see how they play this out.

A solid episode, even if it’s not the best viewing for Father’s Day.

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