July 15, 2024

The Boys: Yes, Homelander has a MAGA following

If you’re watching season 4 of The Boys, you’ve no doubt noticed the political overtones. Specifically when it comes to Homelander and his

It’s based on MAGA or “Make America Great Again”. The Trump based political movement.

This is at the intersection of television and politics where I made my career for many years. This connection isn’t supposed to be a diss or compliment. It just is.

There are a lot of similarities with Homelander and Donald Trump in season 4. Homelander, like the former President is in court, because he killed the guy who attacked Ryan at the end of last season. Trump spent much of last month in court and has cases pending.

But the parralles don’t end there. Look at the way Anthony Starr plays Homelander at the rallies. He uses a lot of the same rhetoric Trump does and leans into many of the same talking points. Even the pacing of his speech and body language line up with Trump’s.

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Then there is the movement and Firecracker. This is a pro second amendment, anti government, following. Firecracker open carries a gun and has a podcast similar to the many pro trump voices you’ll find out there.

This isn’t also just about Homelander. Victoria Neuman is very Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Starlighters are very similar to groups that oppose Trump.

Honestly, its all background anyways. “The Boys” is still very much about Homelander vs. Butcher and the concept of supes doing back things when admired too much and left unregulated too little.

It’s been going on since the show started. And you shouldn’t let politics keep you from enjoying that.

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