July 24, 2024

Trending: Gordon Ramsay had this bruise after serious bike accident

Gordon Ramsay, the biggest celebrity chef over the last two decades, is especially grateful to be here on this Father’s Day after suffering a serious bike crash. The crash left a serious bruise on the side of his torso.

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In the social media post, an obviously rattled Ramsay said the following..

“Hello everyone, it’s Gordon. I’d like to share a very important message with you all. You know how much I like cycling and triathlons, Ironman etc.. This weekend unfortunately, I had a really bad accident and it really shook me. And honestly, I”m lucky to be here. Now, from those incredible trauma surgeons, doctors, nurses in the hospital who looked after me this week, they were amazing. but honestly, you’ve got to wear a helmet. I don’t care how short the journey is. I don’t care that these helmets cost money. They’re crucial. Even with the kids, a short journey, they’ve got to wear a helmet. Now, I’m lucky to be standing here. I’m in pain. It’s been a brutal week. And I”m sort of getting through it. But I can’t tell you the importance of wearing helmet. This weekend is Father’s Day. For new fathers. Old Fathers. Middle aged fathers. I want to wish you all a very Happy Father’s Day but please, please, please, please, wear a helmet because if I didn’t I wouldn’t be here now. Happy Father’s Day.”

You can watch Ramsay’s message below.

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