July 15, 2024

The Acolyte: Theories on the identity of the Sith Lord after the “Day” episode

Episode 4 of “The Acolyte” ended with a cliff hanger, as we were left with a Sith Lord force surging Sol and the rest of his Jedi platoon out of his face.

The big question Star Wars fans are asking after the ep is “who is this Sith Lord?”.

Let’s shoot through a few theories now.

Qimir: While this is the obvious choice, because he’s the only bad guy in proximity to the wookie’s home, I can’t understate how bad this Keyser Soze approach would be for “The Acolyte” story. This show has a lot of critics, and tossing them a softball for predictable writing would leave it in a really bad place.

A rogue Jedi who didn’t travel with the group: If they went the Palpatine route, things could round up a little better and explain why the Jedi have been so unlikable up to this point. Keep in mind, the Jedi Order have never been that cool to begin with outside of Obi Wan and a select few others.

Someone we haven’t met yet: This would be the best way to go. With this approach, we start with a clean board and could build us a bad guy from scratch. It’s possible that the next episode might not jump directly back into the battle, and we could get some background on the Sith Lord. Let’s hope they don’t over commit to another flashback, two in the span of a couple of episodes could lose the crowd.

What do you think about the identity of the Sith Lord? Let me know in the comments.

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