July 24, 2024

WWE Smackdown: Jacob Fatu debut impressive but overpowered

Quick. In retrospect, name a talent that you believe should’ve been able to take out three of the greatest WWE talents of their time, while making their debut.

The Undertaker? Okay.
Brock? Maybe.
But Dwayne didn’t get that kind of treatment.
Neither did Stone Cold.

Jacob Fatu was introduced to the WWE fandom last night in that very unbelievable fashion, closing what was still a very good WWE Smackdown.

Fatu rushed in to save Solo Sikoa during the main event against Cody Rhodes.

If it had been just Cody, that would have been fine.

But he took out Randy Orton and Kevin Owens as well.

He got the jump on Randy. Okay. That’s fine.

Cody turned around to see what was going on then Jacob took him out as well. The sitting champion.

Then he takes a shot from Kevin Owens (that actually makes this worse) and then takes out KO still.

He’s not done. He then goes ringside and continues the demolition of these three main event talents.

It may have been the most overpowered debut of all time.

Now, the show was still really good. That Heyman/Punk/Bloodline segment may have been one of the best opening segments of the year.

But they should have nerfed Jacob Fatu during that final spot.

It also sets an unfair precedent for Fatu. Now, if he can’t easily dismiss Cody, Randy, or Kevin in the future, then it’s going to look uneven.

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And if he doesn’t get over, and he’s eating a finisher and a pin from a lower tiered superstar then it’s just going to look bad.

There isn’t a lot of urgency here. Just something that need’s to be said. Let’s see where they go.

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