July 24, 2024

Morning Trends for 6/26/24: Acolyte bloodbath, Primary Bragging, Big Knicks trade

Your morning social media trends for Wednesday June 26th, 2024, are loaded with controversial subjects. Let’s not waste anytime. We’ve got a lot of good stuff.

Acolyte “Night” episode features high death count:

In what was one of the most violent parts for Star Wars fiction, the “Night” episode of the Acolyte had a lot of deaths. And without spoiling too much, many of them were controversial. The show has been divisive because of story making decisions but it’s been an undeniable conversation starter..

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Primaries elections deliver the fates of many controversial lawmakers:

Some primaries last night delivered dramatic results with incumbent Jamaal Bowman losing his New York district to George Latimer on a race where the conflict between Israel and Palestine played a major part. And in Colorado, Lauren Boebert won her primary behind the popularity of Donald Trump.

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Mikal Bridges is going to the New York Knicks:

Hours before the NBA draft takes place tonight, the New York Knicks have traded for Mikal Bridges from the Brooklyn Nets for a slew of picks. The move not only gives the Knicks four players from Villanova, but extends their window to challenge the Boston Celtics next year.

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