July 23, 2024

Presumed Innocent: Let’s talk about Bicycles and Fingernails

Presumed Innocent is on a nice boil as we continue to try and decipher who murdered Carolyn Polhemus, while watching Rusty both try to interrogate and protect his family throughout this entire mess.

Let’s talk about two big developments that might have revealed to you who the killer is. Don’t go any further if you’re not prepared to potentially findout:

The bicycle cleaning scene:

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We see Barbara furiously scrubbing Kyle’s bicycle after he finds out that her son followed her unfaithful man. She’s doing this behind Rusty’s back and she’s almost fanatical when trying to clean it. We know she cares about her son, but it’s a little weird she would go cleaning his bike unless she knew something.

Rusty’s skin under Carolyn’s fingernails:

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During the last few minutes of the episode we believe that Raymond has Tommy and Nico on the ropes because of the lack of evidence in the case. This is before we learn that Rusty’s skin was found in Carolyn’s fingernails. Now we know they liked to play rough.

But if you’re doing math…

Then you’ve got to believe that Barbara is the killer. Now, this is big because in the original story, it is indeed Rusty’s wife that was the killer. Listen, I’m loving the show but I hope they’ve changed the ending.

Because this isn’t 1990 and audiences are a lot more sharper.

And Barbara has been acting weird. Who thought that she was boinking the bartender for a few seconds this week? I know I did.

What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

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