July 24, 2024

The Boys: Here were all of the upcoming Vought films for phases 7-10

One of the best things about “The Boys” universe is the immersiveness of Vought International. The show goes all in on it’s marketing down to the finest details, to make the fans believe they’re watching a real propaganda machine trying to influence the effects of their activities, whether they mean well or they don’t. So much so, that the fans love playing along, buying into whatever humorous lies they’re being told on social media.

The latest example of this was at the V52 Expo on season four episode five, that revealed a whole slate of films led by The Seven. It was done in phases (7-19, but only 7-10 in the graphic), just like Disney does with Marvel and The Avengers.

Unfortunately, the show doesn’t always stop and let us enjoy the outrageousness of it all and flashes past their marketing in the interest of time, and the details go unnoticed. We didn’t really get a good look at the fake movies announced during the expo.

Let’s see what we can make out on the graphic.

Phase 7

Training A-Train (with Will Ferrell)
Homelander (subtitle not readable)
The Seven Reborn
Super School (with Ryan)
Firecracker: Lord’s Soldier
The Deep: Secrets of Atlantis
THE Tek Knight

Phase 8:

The Deep: Lifeguard Summer
The Seven Returns
Tek Knight; Knight Light
G2: G Men
Homelander (and another hero) Annihilation
A-Train: Off The Tracks
Firecracker: Heaven’s Miracle
Home For Kwanzaa 2

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Phase 9:

Double Standard
The Deep: Gods and Dolphins
A-Train Into The Multiverse
Firecracker: God And Me
Ditch Day
I Homelander: Justice Served
Black Noir: Back To Hanoi
The Seven Forever
Knight (heading not readable)
G3 G Men

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Phase 10:

Silent Vengeance 3: Vengeance Reloaded
Flipped (Heading unreadable)
Speedwalkers 2: Mall Race
Firecrakers: A Christmas Wish
Let There Be Knight
Sex Ed
G-Men Days Past From The Future

That last title was my favorite.

Would have loved to have been able to read all of these titles. If you think you know what they say, let me know in the comments!

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