July 25, 2024

Land Of Women: Premiere gives us “Desperate” Eva Longoria in vintage form

Land Of The Women premiered this week on Apple TV, and the dramedy starring Eva Longoria, gives us the veteran actress in a role that reminded us why we began enjoying her work in the first place.

It gives us “Desperate Housewives” Eva Longoria.

Indeed, Longoria stars as Gala, a wealthy wine expert who’s just opened up her own shop in New York City, when she discovers that her husband owes some bad guys $15 million dollars, who will do anything to get their money back. She understandably panics after they make a failed abduction attempt, and takes her teenaged daughter and mother with dimentia, to Spain in an attempt to hide while her husband figures everything out. He goes AWOL, leaving the trio having to find refuge at grandma’s childhood home in Catalan wine country.

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I know, I know. How many times have we seen a similar set up? But the reason the premiere works is because Longoria gives us Gala in a very similar fashion that she gave us Gabrielle Solis.

In fact, I’d argue that Gala is Gabrielle a couple of decades later. Her comedic timing here is right on, and she looks as great as she ever has.

But Land Of Women isn’t exactly a Desperate Housewives sequel. Apple TV has done a wonderful job with the costumes and sets here. It’s a great backdrop that picks up any cliches the story gives us. It’s a gorgeous show.

Still, Longoria is really stepping up here and it’s good to see her take on this kind of a role again.

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