July 15, 2024

Extraordinary: Read about this cool coincidence with “My Lady Jane”

It’s always a pleasure to have a reason to talk about “Extraordinary” off season, as we await what will hopefully be our third campaign (let’s go Hulu).

But if you’re a fan of the talent, then you’ve got Mairead Tyers, in “My Lady Jane” which dropped on Prime Video this week. The show is done in the tradition of “The Great”, changing the story of the title character, who must traverse a hostile English kingdom in a civil war with (checks notes) shapeshifters. The premiere was quite enjoyable.

And you should see what our Jen is up to. She plays Susannah… who turns into a hawk.

Just like our Jizz on Extraordinary who turns into a cat.

That’s right. In one storytelling universe, Mairead Tyers is in love with a shapeshifter and in another universe, she’s playing one.

To get even nerdier with this entire thing, Hawks typically aren’t very fond of cats and vice versa.

It was a fun connection that reminded me how much I enjoy Extraordinary.

And let’s hope that the commonalities with Lady Jane and The Great end there. It’s rarely a good sign when television talents work on another project with renewal is up in the air on their first show.

Because many of you will recall that the second season of Extraordinary ended on a cliffhanger, as Jen, mistakenly shoved into the void by Kash, looks up in an unknown location.

And we still don’t know what her power is.

Still, if you need something to watch and you miss Jen and shapeshifters, then try watching Jen play a shapeshifter.

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What do you think? Are you missing Extraordinary? Have you watched My Lady Jane? Let me know in the comments.

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