July 25, 2024

My Lady Jane: This is what year the show takes place

If you’re enjoying My Lady Jane, which dropped on Prime Video last week, you know that the period story takes place in England a few centuries ago.

“But what exact year does the story take place?”, you might be asking.

We learn in episode 3 of season one that our show is taking place in 1553.

The narrator mentions it in passing after Jane and Guildford have quite the eventful evening. First, going to a ransom switch for Susannah which turns out being Susannah just trying to get money from her friend to survive.

Next the newlyweds are attacked by hostile guards who know exactly who Jane is. We get a cool little combat scene where we learn exactly how good Jane is with a blade (very good). And then with the adrenaline surging, Jane and Guildford finally begin doing things that newlywed couples are supposed to do together, before the husband turns into a horse.

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The wild part is that we’re not even talking about the craziest part of the episode. That would be Jane’s baby sister, Margaret, killing her elderly and gross brother in law that her other sister, Katherine, is forced to marry. While it’s definitely concerning behavior for a child, it’s definitely better than her older sister being forced to sleep with someone she doesn’t love til death do they part.

There was also the way the episode ended, with Jane finally being named queen when Edward’s will is read in court, setting off what should be a fun game of thrones for the quirky new show.

What did you think of episode 3? Let me know in the comments.

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