July 15, 2024

The Boys: Yes, you can buy a “Live, Laugh, Love” mug from Amazon

“Anyone who owns a ‘live, laugh, love’ mug, shouldn’t have a say in how a country is run” Vice President Victoria Neuman 2024

That was a key quote from Neuman’s speech to the country’s one percenters on this week’s episode of The Boys titled “Dirty Business”

During the Amazon X-Ray presentation of the show, the general trivia says you can get your very own “Live, Laugh Love,” mug with free two day shipping using Vought Express.

But what you might not know is that you can actually get a “Live, Laugh Love” mug from Amazon Prime HERE. Also with free two day shipping.

It was a funny tie-in to a very important part of the show.

You’ll recall this wild outing of the show taking place at Tek Knight’s party. If you don’t, try to keep up because a lot happens and I feel drunk typing this.

First we have Hughie going undercover as Web Weaver, which is The Boy’s universe’s version of Spider Man except he shoots webs out of his rear and is addicted to drugs.

The problem is that Web Weaver is also a freak who’s been invited to be Tek Knight’s ‘sidekick’. But in this case it mean’s his sex slave, and we watch Hughie being forced to do embarrassing things like sitting on a German chocolate cake with his bare rear, and getting tickled by Ashley Barrett until she climaxes.

Our heroes decide to go in and rescue Hughie but Kimiko and MM run into Sage and after MM caps her in the head, she’s forced to regenerate and loses her super intelligence, reducing her to a cake slobbering idiot and unable to make her case to the power players.

Neuman steps in and ultimately gets the job done with her remarks. She’s closer to being President with Homelander visually annoyed but ultimately satisfied. We hear the line a second time after Starlight gets the recording from the bugs planted by Hughie.

Yeah, a lot of explaining for a mug. Right?

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