Grey’s Anatomy will try to fix one of their biggest mistakes ever next week


Grey’s Anatomy has had a wonderful run full of drama, tears, and even a few laughs. But when you ask me what was one thing about the show I disliked, the answer is easy.

The death of Derek Shepherd. It ain’t even close. One of the worst send offs of a beloved character in the history of modern television.

They took a hero away from us in the most obnoxious way possible. They had a doctor that stood for everything he was against kill him through an unbelievable demonstration of laziness and incompetence.

And there were no beautiful final words or a meaningful bow. Just some muddled lines actor Patrick Dempsey voiced over.

But now the folks at Grey’s are trying to fix that error.

It looks like we’ll be getting Derek back for at least one more episode through a dream sequence.

And while it won’t completely fix everything, it will give Meredith and Derek a true good bye, and actors Dempsey and Ellen Pomepeo a chance to work together on something that rewards the work they put in for all of those years.

And Grey’s viewers deserve it.

With the exception of “Game Of Thrones” no other prime time drama has been as creatively mean to their loyal viewers as Grey’s Anatomy has.

This goes back a ways. Sloan, Little Grey, George, whatever that mess was with Alex Karev.

All of it.

But they’re trying to make it right.

This show could be coming to an end soon after 15 years and counting.

May their devoted fans say Grey’s Anatomy fixed it’s biggest error before it’s final bow.

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