Dancing With The Stars: The fan favorite of the season gets eliminated and social media erupts


On Monday night, Dancing With The Stars pulled the trigger on what was the most unpopular elimination of the season, and the response was exactly what you would have expected.

A furious social media crowd.

Indeed, it was the Disney Channel’s Skai Jackson who was sent home as part of the double elimination. Joining her during the painful sequence was champion figure skater Johnny Weir, who had been on the bubble for the past couple of weeks.

During one of the critiques, host Tyra Banks called Jackson the “Little Sister” of the show a short time before judges decided not to save her.

Here are just some posts of what was a social media frenzy protesting the Jackson elimination.

And there was much, much more.

The finals will include:

Nelly: Who many fans thought should have gone home in Skai’s place.

Kaitlyn Bristowe: From the Bachelor, who has been the strongest dancer all year.

Nev Schulman: The show host who could be the “Under the radar” choice despite also having high scores all season.

Justina Machado: The “One Day At A Time” star who will likely become the crowd favorite now that Jackson is gone.

The show was well ran minus the early score tease to commercial toss at the end of the first dance which gave me a headache.

We’ll all be back next week though!

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