The Mandalorian: Baby Yoda fans might not be in a hurry to accept “Grogu”

We’ve all made that face. That look of surprise and awkward enthusiasm when your co worker tells you they’re going to name their next kid “Cadex” or “Weather Vane”. Something wild like that.

That’s the face we all heard this morning when we heard the name “Grogu”.

Before we go any further, if you haven’t seen the latest episode of “The Mandalorian”, then go and watch that. It’s a perfect episode of television (story HERE).

But that’s Baby Yoda’s real name. Grogu.

That doesn’t sound like the name of the cutest figure in the world of pop culture right now.

Honestly, it sounds like an evil monster that would kidnap Baby Yoda and take him to a dungeon.

But that’s where we’re at.

It’s a surprising decision from both Disney leaders and Star Wars creatives.

Disney wants to sell merchandise. “Grogu” next to a price tag for a $50 hoodie or a $65 stuffed animal might not ring as well as it should.

Then there is Star Wars, where they’ve been so careful with names. Skywalker. Solo. Obi Wan. They sound cool but at the same time don’t insist on themselves.

The real challenge might be getting fans to actually go along with the change. It’s easy to root for Aladdin, Elsa, or Ariel.

Now we’re all going to be team Grogu.

Hey, the original Yoda is deserves the identity real estate of his own name that he’s had for 40 years. He’s an icon himself.

And of course, this is kind of reversible. Most people will still probably call Grogu, The Child.

And really. You could call him anything you’d like and we’d all still love him. This is by no means a problem. Just an unexpected surprise. Like shopping for a baby shower for your co worker’s next kid, Pineapple.

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