Disney dominates prime time trends with onslaught of Star Wars and Marvel announcements

The mouse certainly held back nothing on Thursday night. Goodness.

Disney ruled the majority of top trending prime time spots with it’s four hour Disney Investor Day presentation that was headlined by 10 Marvel projects and 10 Star Wars projects, all weaving through future theater releases and premieres on Disney Plus. The news was coming down faster than most of the fans could digest it.

Star Wars will see live action series’ for Obi Wan Kenobi with Ewan McGregor and yes, Hayden Christansen as Darth Vader. The recently introduced in live action Ashoka played by Rosario Dawson will also get a show, and much much more. Including a Rouge Squadron film.

Marvel rolled out first looks for series’ such as Falcon and The Winter Soldier, and Loki. In addition to updating the calendar for Moon Knight, She Hulk, and Secret Invasion with Samuel L. Jackson returning as Nick Fury.

There is just so much more, I haven’t even mentioned a third of the major projects.

Bud Disney did have some competition.

The Game Awards were also held tonight, honoring top achievements in the gaming world, and The Last Of Us Part II won Game of the Year honors. Favorites like Among Us won best mobile game, Final Fantasy VII, the remake, won best RPG. And Tony Hawks’ Pro Skater 1 and 2 won best sports game. All of this coming while Cyberpunk 2077 ruled the conversation last night.

Thursday Night Football, which usually owns the night, made an appearance among results as well. The big market match up featured the New England Patriots against the Los Angeles Rams.

And sadly, it was the death of actor Tommy “Tiny” Lister, who was best known as Deebo in the Friday series which ended the evening trending on top. Words of appreciation poured out from fans in the last bloc of prime time. FTR will dedicate an entire post later this evening saluting him.

All of tonight’s top trends were trending with a positive sentiment.

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