It was actually South Park who brought attention to the overexposure of Britney Spears

As the nation continues to watch “The Framing Of Britney Spears”, many fans are asking themselves in hindsight “How could we let this happen?” and “Why didn’t we do anything?”.

Those are fair questions. While celebrity obsession is still a thing in today’s society, with so many outlets and products out there, it’s not nearly as intense as it was back in the day. We also have many other services out there that could almost eliminate exposure to unwanted public attention altogether.

But Britney didn’t have that.

Getting back to the original questions. One show, did indeed raise concerns over the treatment of Britney Spears.

It was our guys at South Park.

The clip is pretty “out there”. You can watch it HERE.

“Britney’s New Look” is all about torturing the pop superstar. While it’s a tough watch, the show is actually on Britney’s side and the message paints a nasty color of all of the people trying to exploit her. The episode is 13 years old, if you can believe it.

And it ends on a depressing note, teasing they would attack Miley Cyrus next.

Luckily both Spears and Cyrus are still well and with us today. But sadly, the show’s message has kind of gotten lost over time.

My review of the Britney Spears doc is mostly positive (you can read that HERE). If you’re a fan of the star or just want to see what everyone’s concerns are, you should check it out.

And remember, it was our guys at South Park who pointed this problem out a long time ago.

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