The Masked Dancer: Season finale was great, but fans figured out the celebrities a while back

Great work by The Masked Dancer. The spin off of what seemed like a bizarre concept just a short time ago with “The Masked Singer” turned out to be a pretty good time.

And tonight was the season finale with the top 3. The Tulip, Cotton Candy, and the Sloth, all wonderful performers that had genuinely earned their place.

But fans already knew who they were before the unmasking.

Let’s get the negative out of the way. The celebrities were too easy to figure out. We’ve gone over this before (story HERE), and none of the three finalist were surprises heading into tonight.

Let’s break down the final three. In my opinion, it should have been reversed…

In third place was the Tulip and it was Mackenzie Ziegler: She was the best dancer this year and fans had her pegged from about midseason. Still, she was great on this show and I wasn’t familiar with her before it began. That’s a win-win-win for everybody involved.

In second place was the Sloth and it was Masksim Chermkovskiy: This one wasn’t as obvious and I didn’t know who he was, but fans kept buzzing in on the social media threads. I enjoyed meeting him though. Once again, it’s good that he’s extending his reach on this show.

And the winner of the first season of the Masked Dancer was Gabby Douglas as Cotton Candy: I enjoyed Cotton Candy and was happy to see it was a spectacular athlete like Gabby Douglas. Its hard to be mad at this champion. Congratulations!

This was a strong first season. Craig Robinson was good but not overbearing, and the panel of judges were terrific. It was a fast moving and sleek show like it’s older brother and I want to see it again.

We’ll be here when it returns.

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