July 25, 2024

American Auto: Party Time with Tom Bergeron

American Auto was back tonight, and it was party time, as the gang from Payne Motors had to get friendly in order to keep the board from ousting Katherine.

But the deck was stacked as soon as she found out her potential replacement was literally an astronaut. “Let’s hope it wasn’t a me too situation!” Katherine digged as they spoke about his past.

We had former Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron as the guest MC for the dinner. Another great guest role here.

The romance between Jack and Sadie also kept taking twists and turns with the former bringing a new date to the dinner, while the latter spilled on a secret to Katherine’s spouse, Richard. Mostly that Katherine needed time away from her husband and she lied about it.

Anyways, Tom Bergeron took Jack’s girl. It’s probably happened to you.

Katherine tried pitching an electric Pika to save her job, but her mind was on her problems with her husband. Her arc ended on a down note this week.

The program ended with the rest of the team partying in a limo, and Jack and Sadie finding some peace with each other.

Another strong show. We’ve got storylines progressing nicely. See you next week.

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