American Auto

This week, American Auto continued their superior second season with Katherine and the team from Payne Motors getting hacked by a group of cyberterrorists, who demanded a large ransom from the company, or they would release the company’s data. There was a lot going on. The best part of theContinue Reading

American Auto was back this week, and we had a “Superstore” connection with a guest star. While I didn’t watch the sunsetted NBC comedy, there was a buzz among the fandom online with Ben Feldman, playing a Silicon Valley tech CEO. And Feldman didn’t disappoint, as Chase Brody, the headContinue Reading

American Auto was back this week with a new episode and we had layoffs, as the group from Payne Motors had to figure out how to cut costs, as Katherine fights to save her job after giving up her golden parachute. So, they went with Jack’s “red wedding” idea ofContinue Reading