American Auto: Most Pikas are dead because of us

American Auto was back this week, as we speed towards the season (and possibly series) finale. This time the gang from Payne Motors had to try and woo car dealers on the Pika, the $10K car that has been a rolling disaster since the show started.

The original plan had Katherine rolling out in a car full of Pikas for the big dealer presentation (really they were rabbits, see the title of this post). This led Katherine’s phobia of rodents taking over and Dori being put in a position where she had to score drugs for her boss (which was understandably easy in that office). When the big moment arrived, the rabbits got underneath the brake, which led to Katherine slowly crashing into the seating area. It was good TV comedy.

Now the team has to make a last ditch effort to sell these cars. Dori’s idea of marketing to younger buyers online may be the team (and Katherine’s) last hope.

Some other notes…

It’s possible we may be headed towards another open ended finale. Last season the show went with an optimistic tone, with Katherine actually demonstrating strong leadership. I’d be fine with that approach again this year.

Wesley and Jack are great characters, but we got a rare miss with one trying to steal the spotlight from another. The bit was too aggressive and went on too long.

We might have to start considering Sadie and Cyrus as co MVPs for the show this season. That slide brainstorm had “commercial reshoot” vibes. That’s a good thing. Katherine has typically brought most of the laughs to the table, but I like these two characters a lot as well.

All the more reason to give this show a third season. I’ll see you next week for the finale!

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